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We here at Lighting Sales Online love to provide you, our customers, with the highest quality lighting products and accessories. This combined with our 40 years worth of experince has helped us ensure you end up with the right product to suit your needs.

Our Customer Stories

Listed below are some of our recent stories and feedback from our customers. We have helped thousands of people find the best product to suit each persons individual needs.

Amazing looking 'Polaris' lights.

Beautiful 'Polaris' lights and 'Fiore' ceiling fans

"I just wanted to thank you ladies at the Lighting Centre for all of your help and support, without you guys my kitchen renovations wouldnt have turned out well as they have."

Rodney Simpson - Home Owner

Polaris Pendant Lights || Folding- Indoor Ceiling Fans

Beautiful 'Halo' Hanging Lights

Stunning Red Hanging 'Halo' Pendants

"Thank you for the recent installation of our lighting fixtures. They look great"

Campbelltown Bowling Club

Hanging 'Halo' Pendants

Beautiful lights  and fixtures

Amazing lighting to suit any home

"Amazing lights and products, supplied to us from the Campbelltown Lighting Centre"

Fairmont Display Homes

Hanging 'Esperia' Pendants

Striking, Breathtaking and Modern

Feriocious Dragon Style Lamp

"I didn't expect to find a lamp quite like this over at The Lighting Centre; However, I found multiple astounding items that I simply love"

Simon C. 

Striking Dragon Lamp

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